How to meet me


Meeting in your hotel room is the safest way for both of us. All I need is the name of your hotel, your room number and the name you checked in under.

To visit you at home, I will need to see your council tax bill or your driving license - something with your name and address on it. This is for me to make sure that you are who and where you say you are. Gathering data is not my aim. Staying alive is. And at the point of first contact it's your credibility as a client that wins my heart, nothing else.


Edinburgh is where I am based. I only do hotel visits here, and occasional home visits. A woman needs a reason, a man needs a place; that sort of thing.


I'm happy to visit you in Glasgow. Note that there is a £30 deposit (on top of my usual fee) to cover the extra travel expenses. I expect our date to finish by 11pm so I don't miss the last train back home.


I am in London regularly (except August) so please get in touch for dates. If they don't suit you, with travel expenses covered by a deposit I'm happy to go there just to see you.


I enjoy discovering new places and will visit you anywhere with a train station, with train fares covered in advance by a deposit. I got to see some beautiful spots in Scotland that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my clients.