Farewell, February

First of all, it looks like spring is just around the corner at last! I haven’t seen snowdrops as large as Scottish ones before. And there are colourful crocuses as well, and then the wee sticky buds are turning into wee bright green leaves, and the sky is clear, and best of all, I don’t need a torchlight to find my keys in my handbag at 5pm any more. Don’t you just love spring?

On a more prosaic note, my blog has acquired a few more links to other sex work related blogs. One of them – Harlot’s Parlour – is run and edited by 2 of the few people behind IUSW (which is not to say that I support IUSW, which, in turn, is not to discredit their IUSW blog and site or Harlot’s Parlour in any way. On the contrary, I think they are doing a great job and hope they go on with it) and the authors include sex workers, ex-sex workers, clients and people running sites/ agencies, gay, bi and straight. A great read, very educational (together with The Anthology of English Pros) when it comes to laws on prostitution and related inadequacies of the government. And the other link – Elrond’s is a (mostly) client’s blog, though he does more than that.

A comment from Stormsearch revealed that there are more links to my ramblings than I was aware of, and as I’m for fair advertising, I now link back to them. If you see a link to me elsewhere, please let me know.

And finally, it looks like there’ll be more photos of me on the main site in a couple of weeks! So watch that space.

Farewell, April.

Don’t know about you, but for me April was hectic. So much so, I didn’t have time to keep my blog alive! I think it’s all thanks to the weather – the sun does have a funny effect on people after what seemed like years of gloom and twilight.

I’ve been going out more often (and for longer) just walking round my favourite streets and parks in Edinburgh, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my tiny garden (and I can see the result! Awesome!), I’ve taken out summer shoes and flip-flops (ok, I know it’s a little early still but I can’t wait) and best of all, now that the weather’s nice, my friends have no excuse to not visit me and my sofa was crashed a good few times!

Unfortunately, the initial euphoria will wear out soon and good weather will be taken for granted and I’ll be more organised – will answer calls promptly, keep my blog updated, catch up on my studies, spend less time outside wandering aimlessly and more time indoors working hard… The romantic me will go and hibernate till next April. Who cares? The cynical me is far better paid.

Mind games

It’s been a beautiful day today, it felt like the first day of summer. Having lived in Scotland for 3 months now, I supposed it might also be the last one so I set my mind on not missing it.

I went to play tourists – it’s a game I enjoy whole-heartedly. I put on my trainers, jeans and T-shirt and go to Royal Mile to mix with the crowd. I love tourists dearly, especially when the weather is good. They always smile (happy smiles, not polite ones) and look interested, and laugh a lot, and talk loudly. They are a great crowd, especially Edinburgh tourists, they are different from London ones. Or maybe it’s the city atmosphere that affects people.

I go on guided tours with them, to the galleries, watch street performances, give a pound to every bagpiper (they are all in kilts and you can see their bluish knees under the hem of their skirts), sit in cafes and listen to tourists talking all the languages of the world. Sometimes I understand them, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I wish I didn’t, like the time I was right next to a group of Italian teenagers who, judging by their gestures, were talking about something other than art, science is more like it, anatomy to be precise.

Farewell, March.

March is over. Good month it was – spring came (and went), the Justice Committee met (and didn’t come to conclusion), a friend of mine left for New York (but came back after all), I got a beautiful pair of shoes (but had to return it *wiping away tears*), clients still come (and go) – so nothing changed, really. It was sunny, it was gloomy, it was dry and it was rainy (and snowy), there were young clients and not so young ones, there were clients with 2 legs and clients with one (ok, just one of these, but tons of experience and a fresh view of things) so life goes on, my friends, and, if you look at the bigger picture, things are neither bad nor good. They just are.

Another weather post

It looks like I was wrong. Spring decided that Edinburgh can wait and instead went some place better. Spring has to be a woman, otherwise why is she so picky?

Two Scots Finns meeting:

– Whatta waarm saammer we haddis yeear!

– Yees! And it laasted the whole weeek-end!

The spring has come!

Have you heard the latest? It’s here! The spring is here!

In Royal Terrace gardens, I watched a boy giving a tiny bunch of snowdrops to his mother. Clients will now be coming with tulips. I’m happy to be indirectly supporting Dutch economy.

And best of all, I don’t have to play the second fiddle to my radiator anymore! From now on, I’m the only one exuding warmth in the room!

Doesn’t it make you feel like singing?