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Hi Jewel.
I take it that you are looking for our comments on your blogs rather than adding our own experiences?


Generally speaking yes, I’d love people to leave a comment here rather than e-mail me with it, because some of the questions/ suggestions that the readers make repeat each other, but also because it would save me some time.
This poll, however, is not about comments but rather about my clients’ experiences with me – providing they are willing to share them and the readers are willing to read them. So once I know there is/ isn’t demand, I’ll try to match the supply. The next poll will probably be asking clients if they would like to post their experiences here.


Hi Jewel,

Changed? Not a lot, really! New pictures are always eagerly awaited, but hey – that’s just insatiable me. The only thing I can really think of is this: I am sometimes in danger of missing one or more of your posts on the blog if they are not done in sequence. It has happened that there were entries for, say, 2, 14 and 22 October, and sometime after that another one for 8 October suddenly gets published. This is difficult to see! I tend to look just wether I recognise the top one. The out of sequence ones don’t displace the top one, which means they don’t trigger me.

And I so hate to miss any of your musings! They’re always well written, often funny at least in places, and often take me back to delicious hours well spent.



I am quite pleased to change my vote from “I am looking forward to finding out” to “Yes she does and it is very cute.”

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