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December availability


14th – celebrating my birthday with my colleagues. I’m available until 3pm.

15th – celebrating freedom from violence in sex work with Umbrella Lane. Unavailable.

16th – celebrating my birthday with Mr Client. Away until 17th.

18th – celebrating my birthday with another Mr Client. Unavailable until the 19th.

21st – off for Yule celebrations. Nothing else matters.

31st – dunno. You’ll have to offer something better than an electric blanket in the afternoon. Try me.



I’m a big fan of Bitcoin. It’s new (well, to me it is) and exciting (again, to me) and I’d love to start using it. And to encourage you, I am happy to offer a 10% discount (applicable to any date) to those who pay in Bitcoin.

Also, £20 off to the first Angus, Dougal AND Malcolm who come to see me. For terms, conditions and explanation see this post. Diarmids, Ferguses, Mungos and Torquils will also be considered. Unfortunately, the offer does not apply to Alistairs, Colins, Donalds, Duncans, Ewans, Fionns, Hamishes, Iains, Ivors, Kierans and Nialls as these positions have been filled.

Edinburgh escorts


Dearest Jewel
Typical of my luck, as I shall be in Brighton on the 3rd of Feb!!! I shall be looking for the new old manor, yes you guessed, NEAR Brighton! Very glad that you have added Brighton to your tour map and really hope you enjoy it and want to come back.
Have fun on tour
M xxx


It’s a week now since I had the PLEASURE of meeting Jewel. I’m Disabled and care full time for a Family Member so time off or away is a very rare event. After a lot of planning I managed to travel to Scotland for a few days and meet up with my Very Good Friend Laura Lee. During the visit it happened to be my birthday. After reading her blog and following her on Twitter for a while, I decided to contact Jewel. We arranged to meet on the afternoon of my birthday. During the exchange of emails to arrange the visit, Jewel said there might be something else she had to do but would still be able to see me. I told her if she couldn’t not to worry. Her response was there was nothing more important than to put a smile on my little fat ugly mug (that’s my description by the way) on my birthday.
Wow never could I have believed what an afternoon it was going to be. This Wonderful Lady went to a huge amount of trouble to find out what Ii liked. As well as providing what I requested, She arrived with a Cake, Card, Balloons and I even had the pleasure of being covered in Glitter. Certainly unexpected from someone who I never met before. Then two hours of Incredible Pleasure and Fun.
Jewel wrote during the week on Twitter how working with Disabled Clients can be very demanding and physically challenging. Yes it certainly can be, but believe me Wonderful Lady all the effort that You and other Ladies that see Disabled Clients is REALLY Appreciated.
A week later there’s still a Huge Smile on my little fat ugly mug, thinking about the time spent with Stunningly Beautiful Lady, who went well beyond what I could have expected.
Thanks Again Jewel, for making my birthday so memorable

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