I have not had a “wish list” or “gifts page” before. I used to think that if a client were to give me a present, I’d rather it was from the heart than from a glaringly obvious “hint” list. And I still feel this way. But I now understand we don’t live in an ideal world. Some clients, regardless of how much they would like to please me, just don’t have the time to get to know me well enough to come up with a present that would show their gratitude. And for those who are married it can be difficult to prepare/ acquire the item they would like to give me. Yet I haven’t received a single useless present. Anything, from the hammer I’ve already mentioned to the few items of furniture I was given, has been spot on, and reminds me of the giver even years later – if it lasts years, of course. And so, below is the list of things that will never fail to make me smile. It’s updated regularly.

The typical:

  • Flowers – any. Any type. Any time. Any reason. Flowers make our days brighter.
  • Perfume – tricky. I’m into tried and tested classics. My all time favourite is the original Quelques fleurs by Houbigant, but I will appreciate most fragrances created before 1930 (like Tabac Blond by Caron, L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain or Arpège by Lanvin) and even some created after that (Vent Vert by Balmain, Samsara EDP by Guerlain or even Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma, because I can smell like a dessert and still be my brilliant self). I’ve now had a chance to try Habanita by Molinard, not as strong as I expected it to be, but I’m curious for more from them! And of course Jean-Marie Farina by Roger & Gallet, which I prefer as a shower gel.
  • Lingerie – always. Brassiere in 34D, thongs or Brazilian panties in M or size 10. I dislike polka dots, stripes, and combinations of more than 2 colours. Warm shades (salmon, brick red, nude/ cream, dusty green, gold) look much better on me, but the colour only matters if you wear it.
  • No chocolate, please.

The sure way:

  • E-vouchers/ gift cards for lingerie sites (or Amazon if you’re married)
  • Spa vouchers for Edinburgh or London. If you have to choose a treatment, a massage will tell me everything you want to say and more. I love and any hot stone massage.

The inevitable:

  • ‘Us and Them?’ by Bridget Anderson
  • ‘Mating in Captivity’ by Esther Perel
  • ‘The History of Sexuality’ by Michel Foucault – any volume
  • ‘Sexual Personae’ by Camille Paglia
  • ‘Managing the Undesirables’ by Michel Agier
  • ‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Virginia Woolf
  • ‘What Do Women Want? The Science of Female Desire’ by Daniel Bergner
  • ‘Cosmopolitan Sex Workers’ by Christine B. N. Chin

A little unusual, but I’m learning Portuguese, and any material in Portuguese will be very welcome – fiction, dictionaries, fado CDs, links (DVDs?) to your favourite novelas brasileiras, grammar drill worksheets.

This list isn’t exhaustive, of course, and I encourage free thinking. Besides, presentation is important. A long hand-painted silk scarf with a framed picture of Isadora Duncan will leave anyone breathless. Add an open air automobile for that killer effect. And as always, if you don’t have the time to put your feelings for me into words, do not hesitate to express it in pound sterling or other suitable currency. I love tips!


Well, the NFL (National Football League) plays in London. What about a NFL jersey? Do you have a team? Have you seen any of the games? They are televised here and I have noticed the stadium is full and the fans are enthusiastic. You would look hot in a jersey, jeans and boots. 🙂 I know you love plays, festivals and fine music, but perhaps a sports event would broaden your horizon.


Hi Mike,
I understand that people find sports entertaining, but I’m over 30 and frankly, life is getting too short for such things. I do appreciate some forms of physical activity, but I think any physical activity is far better enjoyed by engaging in it than by sitting around and watching it. That’s just a polite way of saying I won’t be seen dead at a stadium. But yes, I would look hot in a jersey, jeans and boots, thank you! When you’re beautiful, you look hot in anything.

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