Sophisticated! The photography, music, and story line all fit together perfectly. I feel like I have met Jewel just by looking at this film. Even without showing her smile, Jewel’s personality shines through. Thanks for producing such a pleasant video.


Very pleasant little film, J. Watching it makes us all feel like little lost atoms in a large world, just waiting to bounce off one another when the time is right. You look like a nice person to share a coffee with.


If you only had a clue how well you could do in the U.S…. perhaps its time for a tour? With your lovely self and the accent to match… wow…



Great little video and am so impressed you put a bit in about sex workers rights with the red umbrella. Because of that I showed it to a few friends.

Touring London on the 2nd.


Great video, it communicates that you are a normal person with a naughty side. Wish more escorts would take the trouble to do something like this.

Whens the sequel coming out?



Hi Ian,

As so often in life, there’s good and bad news. The good: yes, there are plans for a second video, and they’re taking shape. It looks as if it’s going to be totally different from the first one (well, the same again would be no good, would it?).

The bad: holding your breath is not advisable. It’ll be quite a while yet. It’s not even possible to say if a new video will be the next major thing to happen on the site.

But, in all probability, it WILL happen!


Dear Jewel, I like your video. it´s funny!
In secret admiration I realize that I find you cute too. 😉

kisses and hugs for you


Haven’t lived here for long … just found your website. I wish I was a younger man! Your just the type of lady I adore. I love this video and love you style and class.Hope to meet someday.


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