Going for gold

Have you ever wondered how much damage 100 ml of lukewarm hot chocolate can cause? Well, I’m about to tell you anyway. And yes, exactly 100 ml. It was a small, 200 ml cup that was half full/ empty (pick what resonates best with you). And so, without further ado, this small amount of sticky liquid went over

  • a chair (upholstered)
  • a footrest (upholstered)
  • a blanket
  • a pile of books
  • an airer with freshly done laundry
  • a radiator
  • a wall

and, finally, the floor.

But you know what remained dry and clean? Me. Why can’t I just pour everything down my chest as normal people do? No, gosh, why limit myself?! Let’s splash it over 5 square metres of vertical and horizontal surface!

Thirty five minutes of blotting, wiping, rubbing, wringing, mopping and cleaning. I now need to re-do the laundry, have the blanket dry cleaned, and consider re-upholstering the chair and burning the books. Psychological damage: immeasurable.

Everything now gives off a whiff of thick, sickly sweet smell. Think I’ll go for a walk. And hope that I don’t trip and break my neck.

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