This morning Twitter told me a woman called Stoya disclosed her rape publicly.

I don’t know who Stoya is, and while I felt sorry that this happened to her (I also felt sorry about all the sh!t she was going to get from the public disclosure) to be honest, this is the sort of news you hear a few times a day. Someone somewhere is always raped. I’m saying this not to minimise the case but to explain why I simply went and had breakfast. Because there was nothing else I could do. Later on, however, I went back on Twitter and came across this. Edinburgh escortsNeedless to say the original tweet had been removed by the time I got to see the screenshot, but somehow, sadly, it’s not too difficult to believe it was published. This is how I found out Stoya is a sex worker. And as the day went by, the hateful words grew on me.

You see someone say they were raped. If you really don’t care that much – do as I did, go have something to eat. Why take the time out of your life to blame this person for getting raped? Unless you really, REALLY hate this person and you’re so happy it happened to them you just can’t contain this feeling anymore.

Because this is what Ms Ditum does. A woman says “I was raped” and you respond “Well, most porn is rape anyway, no?” Since when is it feminist to put a victim’s job and your ideology before the actual assault?

I’ve been through a lot of shit in my current job. But the worst of it was when I went to police to report that one man who, if he attacked someone more fragile than me, could really ruin lives. And they told me, ‘It’s a dangerous job, what did you expect?’ And much as it hurts, this is just “when you watch porn, you don’t know if you’re watching rape” rephrased.

It’s people like you, Ms Ditum, who allow and encourage police to treat us this way. It’s not some patriarchy. It’s real people who have power to change things, who go round shouting about how hard they work to change things, but actually don’t – they are the ones who I feel are responsible.

You are worse than police, Ms Ditum. Police are cunts, but at least they never pretend that they care for my wellbeing. You, however, position yourself as someone who cares for women’s rights. Stoya is a woman. I am a woman. Thousands of sex workers are women. You are one big fat lie.

Solidarity with Stoya and all sex workers who have been, are and will be raped and then blamed and dismissed by the ditums of feminism.


These raids are only called “welfare” to get feminist organisations on the side of police, not to pretend anything, and surely not to fool sex workers. If they want to pretend they care, they should start lying about using condoms as evidence against us.


In my experience most people usually wanna put the blame on the easiest target cause it is the least effort for them.
And how much easier is it to say “you got a dangerous job and rape and other sh!t just comes with it” than to actually move your ass and investigate the case properly.

I never want to be in the situation where I have to go to the police to report just that, alone the thought is way humiliating.
On the other hand it needs to be reported or the asshole gets away with it ( I wouldn’t tweet it though but that’s not my world anyways…) So, what to do?
And it really should not matter if you are a sex worker or not. Noone has the right to rape women, end of story.
A no is a no is a no…

As for that Ditum character, hypocrites are everywhere, what can I say. They only fight for the cause if it the “right” way in their own opinion, u know… As I said, blame the weakest, its the least effort and has ususally very little to no consequences (not for the Ditums of this world anyways…)

You take care and don’t open the door to strangers. (I read that article about these “welfare” visits. Unbelievable!) Is that actually still happening?

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